Medication Alarm

November 15, 2020

I take medications. I'm also very sensitive to medications therefore I take them in liquid form so I can get the dosing dialed and just right. But I have a dilemma. They all look very similar, several of them even begin with the same letter, but I take them at different times of day. After a recent incident where I accidentally took the wrong one in the evening, and took five times my normal dose I decided to build this contraption to help remind me if I try and take out the wrong one at the wrong time of day.


  • DoIT ESP32 board
  • A handful of lever arm switches
  • Custom 3d printed shell
  • A far too loud beeper
  • I2C RTC Chip in case Wifi goes down

The device works by connecting to my local Wi-Fi to grab the current time. I then hardcoded what times the various medications are allowed to be out of their slots. If I pull out a medication at the wrong time an alarm goes off

img 1917

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Written by Chris Prosser Data Science Engineer, Maker, Bad Sculpter, located in grey Seattle