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Electric Assisted Bike Legality in WA

While I'm writing about the legal stuff first, that's actually the last thing I did.

An Electric Assisted Bicycle must:

For now I'll start with the Electric Assisted Bicycle and then if I'm dissatisfied with performance I'll upgrade components and jump through hoops.


"Electric-assisted bicycle" means a bicycle with two or three wheels, a saddle, fully operative pedals for human propulsion, and an electric motor. The electric-assisted bicycle's electric motor must have a power output of no more than one thousand watts, be incapable of propelling the device at a speed of more than twenty miles per hour on level ground, and be incapable of further increasing the speed of the device when human power alone is used to propel the device beyond twenty miles per hour.

[1997 c 328 § 1.]

Helmets and mirrors:

Watts and HP: