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Configure IC-7300 with HRD and SDRuno as a panadapater

I have an MFJ-1788 Mag Loop antenna. I can tune it very easily by using my RSPdx to view the waveform. In the picture attached you'll notice that the antenna is tuned a little bit high for my current frequency. This makes it super easy to tune without worrying about having to put signal out on the antenna. But I kept having a problem where I was neglecting to change the frequency in SDRuno to match the one on my radio, and then inadvertently tuned the antenna to the wrong frequency. Attempting to transmit into that did not make my radio happy.

Therefore I wanted SDRuno to follow my IC-7300 but not the other way around as I like the freedom to poke around in the band in SDRuno without changing the radio. This guide walks through how you would set up everything with Ham Radio Deluxe and some other tools. Honestly, this is partially my own documentation so I don't forget this in the future as it was hard-won knowledge.

There are a lot of little knobs to turn.

Block Diagram of how everything fits together. Pick your own COM port numbers.

Create a virtual serial connection between two serial ports

This is the menu item in HRD to enable the serial port. Match this with one end of the virtual serial port cable. Match Omnirig with the other.

If you mess this up and only have Stop bits == 1, SDRuno will miss the occasional frequency change.

A quick call out on the picture above as there is a lot going on.

  1. You bring up RX Settings by clicking on SETT.
  2. You need to scroll the tabs to get to ORIG (short for OmniRig)
  3. After you configure the ORIG panel and close it click on RSYN1 as that assigns OmniRig to this VRX.
**SETT.** to bring this up and confirm OmniRig is working right.

Ta da!