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Running HAM Radio cables

I've been struggling with running my radio cables through the wall. For many years I drilled some holes in the frame that held our cat door, but as you can see below, we stopped using the cat door. With the recent bout of horrible wildfire smoke here in Seattle I was forced to remove the cat door and hole up inside and was unable to use my radio. That prompted me to finally get up the courage to drill a hole in the wall of my house.

I used some electrical conduit, a demarcation box off ebay, plenty of caulk, and a 3D printed adapter for the inside of the wall to make this all work. One thing I didn't figure out beforehand was what the minimum bend radius was on some of my cabling, which made things a little awkward. Thankfully I had some cabling that worked with 1 inch min bend radius, but that wasn't the cable I was planning on using.