Instead of writing the blog, I went ahead and actually put together the bicycle. Pictures:

Parts Ordered

After an obscene amount of time reading the forum at: I went ahead and ordered parts. What do I have enroute? Direct from Ping Battery (Direct from China): A 15Ah, 48V LiFePo (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. From 9 continental 9×7 wound motor, rim, and spokes (2807). This guy has 23 poles! 35A Infineon motor controller (yes,Continue reading “Parts Ordered”


Since I’m doing all the design on this bike, the number of choices is a little overwhelming. To clarify things, I decided to set the mission I’m trying to accomplish. This is a big thing in the private pilot world because everyone wants the big fast plane, but realistically you are better off choosing yourContinue reading “Mission”