Chris Prosser

Bad art. Electromechanical doodads. Stats.

TDR with the NanoVNA

The performance of my satellite downlink station is nowhere near as good as I would like. I been doing some various troubleshooting measures to try and figure out what is going on. In my previous post, you can see some of my explorations about antenna tuning. In this post I took my first pass atContinue reading “TDR with the NanoVNA”

Satellite Fun

I’ve been slowly working towards building a satellite uplink and downlink station for years. I have finally reached a point where I finished building the station and have Receive some signals. The performance is rather abysmal, I still have a fair amount of work to do.

Wrench Holder

Seattle is due for a big earthquake. Our wrench for our water barrel and emergency gas cutoff was always going walkabout. I whipped up this little holder so it has a home to live on the back of our front door.

The Lean Startup Movement from a Decision Science perspective

First off, my apologies to actual Decision Scientists. I have no formal training and just recently learned that the area I’m fascinated by actually has a name. There are a lot of anecdotes out there about how wonderful all the different Lean Startup methodologies are. If you go and read the Amazon book reviews, you’llContinue reading “The Lean Startup Movement from a Decision Science perspective”

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