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Kindle Oasis holder for Levo Book Holder

I have an older Levo Book holder. If you enjoy reading books and value your neck, I highly recommend this product. I get no kickbacks from the company for this, just a very satisfied customer ( I have an older holder and can no longer purchase parts for it. Therefore I went ahead and designedContinue reading “Kindle Oasis holder for Levo Book Holder”

Medication Alarm

I take medications. I’m also very sensitive to medications therefore I take them in liquid form so I can get the dosing dialed and just right. But I have a dilemma. They all look very similar, several of them even begin with the same letter, but I take them at different times of day. AfterContinue reading “Medication Alarm”

Holder for new Pi Camera

The creativity of 3D printing! One of the things I love about 3D printing is the creativity of it. I didn’t want to print any supports, so by putting a flat spot on one side I could print it with no cleanup needed.

Fixed the CNC mill…again

One the disappointing aspects of doing your own CNC conversion is that you are the manufacturer. Need to know the limits of your machine? Go ahead and start running tests until something breaks. Rinse and repeat.


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