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  1. Fun with Driving Solenoids

    I got frustrated trying to figure out the best way to drive some solenoids. I was looking for something foolproof that I didn't need to design myself. I'm trying to build as much as I can with JLCPCB Assembly which limits parts. I settled on the Infineon BTS724G. It's an automotive part that has all the protections you can think of. Good for an unmonitored art installation.

  2. 20 years in the making

    I tried to start this project back in 1999/2000 when I was living in San Francisco. It was inspired by a piece I saw in the gallery at Cellspace.

  3. Comparison of Firewalls for Home

    I’m curious about firewalls. I have a Protectli FW4B along with a backup edge router ER-X and decided to do some testing. There are a handful of different ideas I wanted to explore.

  4. IPFire and Centurylink Fiber

    I recently switched from pfSense to and got to learn the hoops needed for PPPoE over a vlan like Centurylink needs.

  5. Kindle Oasis holder for Levo Book Holder

    I have an older Levo Book holder. If you enjoy reading books and value your neck, I highly recommend this product. I get no kickbacks from the company for this, just a very satisfied customer Levo Bookholder.

  6. Medication Alarm

    I take medications. I'm also very sensitive to medications therefore I take them in liquid form so I can get the dosing dialed and just right. But I have a dilemma. They all look very similar, several of them even begin with the same letter, but I take them at different times of day. After a recent incident where I accidentally took the wrong one in the evening, and took five times my normal dose I decided to build this contraption to help remind me if I try and take out the wrong one at the wrong time of day.

  7. Running HAM Radio cables

    I've been struggling with running my radio cables through the wall. For many years I drilled some holes in the frame that held our cat door, but as you can see below, we stopped using the cat door. With the recent bout of horrible wildfire smoke here in Seattle I was forced to remove the cat door and hole up inside and was unable to use my radio. That prompted me to finally get up the courage to drill a hole in the wall of my house.

  8. Configure IC-7300 with HRD and SDRuno as a panadapater

    I have an MFJ-1788 Mag Loop antenna. I can tune it very easily by using my RSPdx to view the waveform. In the picture attached you'll notice that the antenna is tuned a little bit high for my current frequency. This makes it super easy to tune without worrying about having to put signal out on the antenna. But I kept having a problem where I was neglecting to change the frequency in SDRuno to match the one on my radio, and then inadvertently tuned the antenna to the wrong frequency. Attempting to transmit into that did not make my radio happy.

  9. Holder for new Pi Camera

    The creativity of 3D printing!

  10. 3D printed adapter

    Needed and adapter to connect my vacuum to my belt sander. Tada.

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